first look new salvador dali themed tasting menu

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“Still Life Moving Fast” course

“Once my appetite had been whetted I became ravenously hungry” – Dalí

Starting November 20, iNG will take you closer to the personality of the great surrealist artist through culinary tastes with the new Salvador Dalí-inspired menu. The menu designed by Executive Chef Tim Havidic sets out to create an educational as well as culinary experience by introducing guests to some of Dali’s most well-known and celebrated quotes and works of art. Watch this video of The Persistence of Memory course in the making.

Named in honor of the great artist himself, the new tasting menu embraces the heritage of Spain by presenting a menu reminiscent of Dalí’s legendary flair and creativity.

“We are delighted to present the new Salvador Dalí-themed menu,” said Executive Chef Tim Havidic, iNG Restaurant. “All the courses are based on quotes or works of art by Dalí. It is my hope all the love, attention to detail and passion that went into creating this menu will make fans proud. The courses are bold, imaginative, surreal and most importantly delicious.”

For a taste of the unexpected, the menu features Honey is Sweeter Than “Bulls” Blood, complete with roasted beets, roasted beet sorbet with pine nut purée, orange zest preserves, pickled beets, paired with bulls blood salad topped with a frozen beet vinaigrette. Other notable dishes include The Persistence of Memory which features egg whites adorned with clocks, tortilla espanola with chorizo, onion and potato, roasted mushroom, smoked paprika sofrito purée and goat milk custard, along with goats milk crème fraîche. The course inspired by the work of art Tuna Fishing is a traditional fish stew in the Basque region and includes potatoes, onions, pimientos, and tomatoes. On the sweet side, dessert course Architechtonic Angelus features a brioche marshmallow mousse, turrón made with pistachios, apricots, dried cherries and orange blossom coupled with apricot wine sauce, and honeyed pistachios.

Each course is paired with a specialty cocktail, beer or wine that complements the dish to further enhance its flavors. The new tasting menu also features iNG’s signature Miracle Berry, a natural berry that transforms one’s ability to perceive sour, spicy, salty and bitter flavors and turns them into sweet sensations.

Guests can select from the ten-course tasting menu for $105, the six-course tasting menu for $85 or the three-course tasting menu for $50.

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video chef homaro cantu talks the path to zero food mile gastronomy


Chef Homaro Cantu believes society is on the right path to a truly sustainable food system, which he terms “zero food mile gastronomy“—a movement he has championed for more than 9 years. But don’t take his word for it, consider the history of all things edible as evidence by watching the video.

English: Homaro Cantu presenting at the Cusp C...

Homaro Cantu presenting at the Cusp Conference 2008, Chicago, IL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please share, discuss and marinate on how exciting the future of food really is. And prepare to be blown away by just how amazing our thirst for progress is. To learn more, go to and

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richie farina



Executive Chef

iNG Restaurant

Tim Havidic grew up in Downers Grove, Illinois. At a young age he saw his entire family’s love of cooking.  From his dad and grandfather spending hours barbecuing in the summer to his grandmothers love of making cookies and candies for the whole family to enjoy.

At the age of 15 Tim found himself working in a country in West Chicago where got his first glimpse into the culinary world.  Tim worked at several local famly owned Restaurants while attending a technical school for culinary arts where he fell in love with cooking.

In 2007 Tim attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.  Right from the start he was hooked.  Surrounded for the first time with people who where completely devoted to there craft Tim knew he was in the right place.  After spending time in his Meat and Fish butchery classes he knew that butchery was his passion.  In 2008 Tim did his externship at Moto.  Excited about his time there Tim devoted his full attention to moto knowing he would come back after he graduated.

After returning to school Tim spent all his free time shadowing the Meat and fish classes for a year before being asked to be the Teaching Assistant in the Meat and fish class rooms. Honing his skills and knowledge in Meat and Seafood for a year and a half, Tim was approached to complete a whole animal butchery apprenticeship under Josh Applestone and Master Butcher Hans Seabald.  After completing the apprenticeship,  Tim part of the team that spearheaded the opening of a local sustainable butcher shop in West Hollywood, California.  After a year in California Tim came back to Chicago,  back to Moto, to get back into the kitchen where he felt he belonged.  After two years at Moto working every position from being a pastry assistant to Jr. Sous chef,  even being a lead server in the dining room, Chef Cantu asked Tim to take over as Executive Chef at ING.

Tim invites diners to come experience an evening where technique, style,  and quality ingredients are the main attraction.




General Manager

iNG Restaurant

Trevor Rose-Hamblin spent his early teenage years like many chefs do, as a prep cook and dishwasher in small restaurants.  Through years of working in kitchens, Trevor’s passion for the culinary arts grew, leading him to Chicago where he attended and graduated from Kendall College in the Culinary Arts program.  He went on to cook under the guidance and vision of Homaro Cantu and the world renowned team at Moto Restaurant.  It is here that Trevor was able to flourish and start thinking creatively about chef driven cuisine and hospitality.

Eventually, his hard work, passion and imagination paid off, landing him a position at Cantu’s second restaurant, iNG (Imagining New Gastronomy.)  At iNG, Rose-Hamblin became the General Manager and beverage director aiding in the creation of each new menu,  concocting and choosing unique beverages from around the world to compliment Cantu’s ever-evolving style of cuisine.  Alongside Chef Tim Havidic, Trevor’s talents continue to shine in the always innovative setting at iNG.

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