General Manager

iNG Restaurant

Trevor Rose-Hamblin spent his early teenage years like many chefs do, as a prep cook and dishwasher in small restaurants.  Through years of working in kitchens, Trevor’s passion for the culinary arts grew, leading him to Chicago where he attended and graduated from Kendall College in the Culinary Arts program.  He went on to cook under the guidance and vision of Homaro Cantu and the world renowned team at Moto Restaurant.  It is here that Trevor was able to flourish and start thinking creatively about chef driven cuisine and hospitality.

Eventually, his hard work, passion and imagination paid off, landing him a position at Cantu’s second restaurant, iNG (Imagining New Gastronomy.)  At iNG, Rose-Hamblin became the General Manager and beverage director aiding in the creation of each new menu,  concocting and choosing unique beverages from around the world to compliment Cantu’s ever-evolving style of cuisine.  Alongside Chef Tim Havidic, Trevor’s talents continue to shine in the always innovative setting at iNG.

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