What is Thunderbolt 3 Port

We all know that the ports at the side of our laptop are essential and can perform a hundred tasks for us. These ports are also responsible for charging our cell phones and decide how quickly our cellphone will be charged.

When Apple introduced the new version of MacBook Pro, they removed every single previous port from it and replaced it with the New ThunderBolt 3. This port allows you to have fast charging speed, improved data transfers, and compatibility with USB-C.

Many companies now have entered the world of Thunderbolt Technology, but no one has ditched their old ports as Apple did in the MacBook Pro.

In this article, we are breaking down everything you need to know about Thunderbolt 3 and why you should use it. Happy Reading!

What exactly is Thunderbolt 3 ?

Thunderbolt technology has been around in this world since 2011, but the technology literally rocked the world when Thunderbolt 3 was launched. We all know about USB-C, right? It is the most updated and powerful USB cable capable of supplying up to 15 watts of computer power and up to 100 watts for suitable laptop charging or devices. USB-C literally brought a great change in the world of computer connections.

That’s where Thunderbolt 3 came into the game. Instead of giving a tough competition to USB-C, Thunderbolt’s engineers decided to do a partnership with it. USB-C and Thunderbolt merged the two technologies and gave birth to a powerful hybrid called Thunderbolt 3. After launching Thunderbolt 3, they ditched all the previous ports and only placed their new technology in the Macbook Pro.There is a thunderbolt 3 laptops list by black widow games which has helped many people to choose the best thunderbolt 3 laptop

Thunderbolt 3

Features of Thunderbolt 3

Here are some of the amazing things and features Thunderbolt 3 offers:

● Can effectively transmit data at the speed of 40 Gbps

● Display video to two 4K monitors at 60 HZ.

● It can charge all the smartphones and almost all the laptops with up to 100 watts of power.

● It can easily be connected to an external GPU.

● Supports DisplayPort 1.2

● Can Support HDMI 2.0

Why are laptops using Thunderbolt 3 nowadays?

There is no denying that Thunderbolt 3 has amazing features and updates. Also, it uses the USB-C now is a plus point! It allows us to store large data files and fast data transfer amazingly! These amazing features are the reason many laptop manufacturers are acquiring this technology.

It provides more features than any other cable offers. Also, it provides a 100 W of power and twice the video bandwidth any other cable offers. With it, you can link your Mac or PC to other displays, easily pass data between hard drives, and power up. Who does not want such amazing features?

Wrapping Up

Let’s just say that it is the world’s fastest port available right now, you can connect almost six different computers and devices together with it. If you want high-speed connectivity, do yourself a favor and make sure the next system you buy has this technology.

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