How To Find IMEI Number On Galaxy S5

Should you phone your service provider, and when they request that you confirm your accounts, you’ll need to offer the IMEI and the sequential number of your telephone for part of the confirmation. IMEI and Serial number (SN) is exceptional for every single telephone and utilized as the individuality of their mobiles.

IMEI number is quite useful in the event you dropped your Galaxy S5 and should you supply this information for your own service provider, they could block your telephone using this amount.

Strategies of Finding IMEI And Serial Number On Samsung Galaxy S5

IMEI serial

Dial the code

To locate IMEI and Serial amount on Samsung Galaxy S5 you need to dial up a code employing the telephone program.

  • Open the Phone App.
  • If necessary, touch with the keypad to show the dialer.
  • Dial “#06#”.

Under the battery

To view IMEI and Serial amount in this manner, you have to switch your Galaxy S5 and get rid of the battery life.

  • Switch your Galaxy S5 off.
  • Open the rear cover.
  • Take the battery out.
  • You will realize that the IMEI and Serial amount printed onto it.
  • You will realize that the IMEI on the surface of a bar code, and SN is composed beneath the barcode.
  • Via the Settings menu

Finding IMEI and Serial amount on Samsung Galaxy S5 through Setting’s menu is simple, but you want to experience a few steps.

  • Pull the Notification down the pub.
  • Touch the Preferences icon so as to display the Settings menu.
  • Scroll the page and tap Around Device.
  • Touch Status.
  • You may now have to see the telephone number and IMEI.
  • About the box

In case you still have the box of this Galaxy S5, it is possible to discover the telephone number and IMEI since the boxes of these telephones are often sealed with a decal on it. A barcode is on the decal and beneath the barcode, you’ll discover IMEI of the Galaxy S5.

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